iT1 Solutions IT Support Center

As your information technology company, iT1 Solutions can handle the support of all of your IT services. We are committed to providing you with the highest level of support for any of your technical challenges. Whether you need us to build an IT solution from the ground up or need help with an existing IT solution, our team is ready to be of service. Our support center is staffed by a group of talented, dedicated help desk technicians who understand the importance of a prompt and helpful response.

Our Support Center team is well-versed in supporting the following:

  • Cloud computing services
  • Managed IT services
  • VoIP Phone Services
  • Network security and troubleshooting
  • Desktop and server support services
  • Software and hardware
  • Advanced wireless services
  • Exchange email hosting
  • Internet and telephone services

Cloud Computing Services Support

iT1 Solutions offers comprehensive support services for our cloud computing services users. Whether you need assistance accessing software as a service, need to add or remove users from your account, need to scale your service up or down, or simply have questions, we’re here to help. We offer live cloud computing services support as well as extensive documentation, FAQs, tutorials, and so on.

Managed IT Services Support

OneOne of the benefits of using it! Solutions’ managed IT services is that we take care of related issues and maintenance in the background. Not only can our managed IT services prevent many minor issues from manifesting into major ones, but our support team is also available to assist with unexpected issues, questions, troubleshooting, and more. Blending automation with talent, our managed IT services support team is available 24/7.

VoIP Phone Services Support

iT1 Solutions is committed to ensuring that your investment in VoIP phone services continues to pay off long after we design and install your customer VoIP solutions. Whether you need help configuring a new VoIP phone device, troubleshooting a firewall or router issue, adding additional VoIP phones, or troubleshooting connectivity issues, our VoIP support team is ready to help. We offer live and self-service options 24/7.

Network Security and Troubleshooting Support

iT1 Solutions understands the importance of network security, uptime, and availability. We offer a variety of proactive network monitoring and maintenance solutions designed to prevent, minimize, and mitigate network issues before they can become problematic. When network problems to occur, our network support specialists work diligently to resolve these issues quickly and reliably. Our team is available around the clock and uses a variety of technologies to troubleshoot network issues remotely. If necessary, onsite support is available.

Desktop and Server Support Services

iT1 Solutions supports organizations of all sizes, offering both desktop and server support services. Depending on the nature of the support issue, our desktop and support service team can assist you remotely or onsite. From onsite repairs, hardware management, and technology refresh services to remote monitoring and maintenance, operating system patches, virus protection, software distribution, backup services, and beyond, iT1 Solutions’ desktop and server support team is committed to a prompt, professional response.

Software and Hardware Support

From patch management and software distribution to advanced hardware support, iT1 Solutions offers comprehensive software and hardware support services. Our team of help desk technicians, remote support specialists, and onsite IT technicians is committed to supporting businesses of all sizes. Whether you need remote assistance or live, onsite repairs, iT1 Solutions will match you with a skilled software and hardware support technician. We also offer a variety of self-help options such as software tutorials and troubleshooting guides.

Advanced Wireless Services Support

iT1 Solutions backs its advanced wireless services with extensive support, ensuring that your wireless network continues to work smoothly long after the installation. We offer a number of support options including 24/7 help desk services, troubleshooting guides, maintenance packages, and onsite support.

Exchange Email Hosting Support

When you use exchange email hosting from iT1 Solutions, you can rest assured that help is readily available should you need it. Our support center is staffed 24/7 by skilled IT technicians who are committed to resolving issues in a timely fashion. We offer phone, email, and remote support as well as numerous self-service options, ensuring that you can get your questions answered quickly. Whether you need help configuring a mailbox or troubleshooting an error message, iT1 Solutions is ready to be of service.

Internet and Phone Service Support

Whether you have questions about your bill or need help setting up a conference call, iT1 Solutions is prepared to help with all of your Internet and phone service needs. If you’ve ordered Internet and phone service from us and need assistance, our support team is just a quick phone call or email away.

With a full menu of custom IT services and IT support offered, iT1 Solutions specializes in solving common business challenges with technology. We are committed to providing exceptional IT service throughout the lifecycle of our solutions and offer top-notch IT support services. Whether you have a quick question or a technical emergency, our support team is eager to be of service. Contact us now for immediate assistance.

Help Desk

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